Episode 46

#46. Four Ways Christian Women Can Overcome Fear and Befriend Muslim Women

Ruth Ripken shares insights from over 35 years in missions, 4 ways for Christians to overcome fear, why Christian women must be the ones to reach out to Muslim women with hospitality and what it means to love our neighbor well.

She is a veteran missionary who has lived in several countries in Africa, learned about different cultures, ministered to believers in persecution and participated in relief efforts with her husband Nik Ripen.

What You’ll Learn:

  • About the importance of hospitality in relationships with Muslim women
  • Four ways to get over the ‘fear factor’ and not be afraid to say or do the wrong thing
  • About surfing the ‘international food aisle’

About the Guest: 

Ruth Ripken and her husband, Nik are mission veterans of 35 years. Along with her husband, they have done extensive research among believers living in the midst of persecution in over 70 countries. This research has been shared in numerous articles and three books. Nowadays, they spend their time sharing the truths they have learned from these believers in persecution with churches, schools, and mission organizations.

One of Ruth’s greatest joys is spending time with Muslim women, listening to their stories and seeing how God can break into their lives. Another blessing is helping Christian women in America to connect and fall in love with the nations in their midst.

Nik and Ruth are the parents of three sons, two wonderful daughter-in-loves and an amazing grandson.

Scripture Related to Episode:

Genesis 1: 27; Humanity Created in God’s Image

Links Related to Episode:

Nik Ripken Ministries


Timestamped Show Notes:

03:07 - The Importance of Family

04:40 - A Vision for Missions Started in Childhood

06:11 - From Home to Malawi

06:53 - Relief Work in Kenya

07:42 - Ministering to Believers in Persecution

07:55 - Why a Special Focus on Muslim Women

10:43 - What Does this Outreach Look Like?

12:10 - Making Yourself Available

13:23 - Why Do We Love?

14:15 - Getting over the Fear Factor

14:45 - Fear: What if I Say the Wrong Thing?

15:43 - Breaking Bread and Hospitality

16:25 - Fear: What if I Cook the Wrong Thing?

17:08 - Making Friends in the International Food Aisle

19:12 - Women in Leadership in the Iranian Church

20:38 - Muslim Background Believers Persecuted in the USA

21:30 - Christian Response to Hijabs and Niqabs

22:00 - Fear: Where is It?

24:11 - Persecuted Christians Loving their Persecutors

24:33 - Being Welcomed in Muslim-Majority Countries

25:30 - Fear: Persecution and Honor Killings

27:13 - Honor Killings in the West

28:14 - Yes, Muslims Can Become Christian

29:10 - Developing Deep Friendship

29:57 - Being Welcoming and Practicalities of Hospitality

31:51 - When Language Seems Like a Barrier

32:38 - Sharing Stories

34:47 - Contact Info

35:58 - Joke: What about Dinosaurs?

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