Episode 51

#51. The Gospel still Works amid Violence in a Post-Christian City

Adam Muhtaseb shares his unique perspective having been raised Muslim, becoming a Christian in his teens and being a pastor and church planter in partnership with his wife. The family moved to Baltimore because they saw the brokenness of this often violent, transient, post-Christian city in America.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the family of a Muslim background believer may react to a new found faith in Christ
  • How practicing Islam compares to consumer driven Christianity
  • The challenges and opportunities of ministry among a transient population

About the Guest: 

Adam grew up in a Muslim family, and was a follower of Islam until he was radically converted to faith in Christ as a teenager. Since believing the gospel, he has had a consistent vision for church planting.

After Adam and Sherrie were married in 2013, Adam pursued his Masters of Divinity (M.DIV) degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and graduated first in his class with a 4.0 GPA and was a recipient of the Joe B. Brown Preaching Award.

They have three boys, Aiden, Judah, and Micah. Adam and Sherrie dream of playing a part in a city-wide movement of church plants within the neighborhoods of Baltimore. In his free time, Adam loves playing basketball and spending time with Sherrie and friends on their rooftop deck. He is also an avid reader, especially of Tim Keller books.

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Timestamped Show Notes:

01:47 - Topic: Church Planting in an Urban Context

02:46 - Family - In the Thick of It

03:39 - Growing Up in the Mosque

05:01 - Hearing the Gospel for the First Time

05:36 - Family Rift and Reconciliation

07:38 - Please pray for Dad

07:47 - Church Support after Conversion

08:58 - Book of Acts as a Model for Church Planting

08:58 - Church Planting and the Road to Baltimore

10:02 - Ministry and Partenership at Home

11:18 - Mosques versus Consumer Driven Churches

12:48 - Baltimore, a Post-Christian City

13:09 - The Gospel Works

14:59 - What is the Acts 29 Movement?

16:11 - Challanges and Opportunities in Baltimore

17:14 - Ministering among a Transient Community

19:50 - Experiencing Brokeness

20:26 - Vision for Global Church Planting

21:28 - The Gospel is Still Enough

22:25 - Connecting with Adam Muhtaseb

22:49 - Joke: It's Cold

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