Episode 32

#32. Rethinking God’s Plan – Across the Street and Around the World

Lori Rogers pushes back on the idea that ‘missions’ is something that is only done overseas.

With the Momentum Yes free, online, video series — Christians take a fresh look at God’s plan for the nations — discovering their place in God's story.

Lori considers the dynamic and practical implications for the church when the nations are regarded in the light of God's love.

Bonus Content: 

Momentum Yes - Session 1 - Sneak Peek

What You’ll Learn:

  • About God’s love for the world revealed throughout scripture
  • About the benefits of group study
  • How Momentum Yes impacts missions in America and abroad

About the Guest: 

Lori Rogers is the interim Executive Director of Momentum Yes. For thirty years, she served in missions leadership at Crossroads Christian Church in Newburgh, IN. She volunteered for several years and then joined the staff as Global Outreach Director for 21 years.

In 2021, she transitioned to serve as the Interim Executive Director of Momentum Yes — a free online video series to inspire and unleash everyday people to engage with the nations, especially the least-reached.

She and her high school sweetheart have been married for 30 years. They have two strong and courageous kids, the eldest is married. She loves to travel and take pictures of beautiful flowers and sunsets. Lori also loves to network and learn from leaders around the world. Prayer, mobilization and missionary care are Lori's favorite areas of ministry.

Lori believes that every follower of Jesus has global DNA waiting to be activated. She also believes that God puts His love for the nations into each of us, but sometimes we haven’t discovered it yet.

Scripture Related to Episode:

God’s Heart for the Nations

John 3: 16; Jesus Came to Save the World

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Momentum Yes

Email: Lori Rogers

Twitter - Momentum Yes

Timestamped Show Notes:

01:07 - Topic: Why and How to Inspire Christians to Engage with Global Missions

01:57 - What is Momentum Yes?

04:04 - Momentum Yes Content in Six Session

04:23 - The Nations, Before the Great Commition

04:40 - The Importance of Prayer

06:09 - Perspectives are Changed

06:42 - From Global Perspective to Personal Responsibility

07:12 - ReThinking Assumptions

08:10 - Did Jesus Die for the World?

09:11 - Applying a Global Perspective Everyday

09:22 - Is the Church Dying?

09:55 - Working Together

11:21 - The Benefit of Group Study

11:58 - Lives are transformed

14:09 - Getting World Changers out of the Pews

15:11 - Free Resource -- MomentumYes.com

16:49 - Resource Translation Project

18:14 - 25 Countries and Counting

18:58 - God's Call Heard thru Momentum Yes

20:17 - Crossing the Street with Good News

21:05 - Tool for Everyday People in the Church

21:59 - Resources and Contact Info

23:16 - Family: Getting Personal

23:41 - Jokes: Fruit and Fruit Pies