Episode 42

#42. Crossing the Line: Cricket’s Influence in India and Beyond

Preity Upala calls all sports fans and geopolitical observers to consider cricket’s importance in India and the world. Though a holdover of British colonialism, Indian cricket is now a dominating force in the world's second most watched sport.

Preity, a sports analyst, former investment banker, former Miss India International and geopolitical expert, examines cricket as a source of domestic economic empowerment, global prestige, and international soft power.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How India’s cricket teams impact cricket globally
  • How cricket plays into India’s soft power in international politics
  • About the domestic economic impact of cricket

Bonus Content

Video: Understanding Cricket in 2 Minutes

About the Guest: 

Preity Üpala is a Former investment Banker turned Thought leader and Media Entrepreneur based in Hollywood, California. Advisor to many private technology companies as well as a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization in various Travel, Technology & Innovation Council. She works as a Geo-political Expert, award-winning International Columnist and is a member of the FORBES Councils as the director of The Omnia Institute. She hosts a popular show called ‘The Preity Experience’ and is a much sought-after Radio and TV expert around the world appearing in CNN, Republic TV among others. The former Miss India International has worked in Four continents including Bollywood and Hollywood as an Actor and Producer and is currently developing a show for Hollywood studios. As an Dharma Ambassador, she brings Indian Spirituality to Hollywood and the world at large through a new platform, ‘A Preity Life’.

‘The Preity Experience’ showcases global thought leaders and legends in the area of Business, Politics and Sport. Preity is a Cricket enthusiast and an ardent supporter of Indian Cricket. As a Cricket Analyst appearing on several news and sports shows, she is renowned for taking a Global perspective of the game and fusing it with a Geo-political bent. She has interviewed legends of the Game as well and her book on the Global Game will be published later this year. She is one of the only Female analysts on the Men’s game of the English language in the world and has often spoken about Leadership lessons from Cricket and it’s Soft power impact globally. Her book on The Global game is in the works which explores Power, Politics & Culture in Cricket.

Along with being a Political analyst, her Political research has appeared in more than 200 publications, including FORBES, The Observer, The National Telegraph, Business Standard, Foreign Policy, Times of Israel and the Times of India. Her expertise is on Foreign Policy, International Relations, Diplomacy and Conflict resolution. She has spoken at various Think Tanks and has been a keynote speaker at global summits such as WEF, HORASIS, BRICS and the Centre for Human Prosperity among others. Ms.Üpala has received the “Young leader of the Decade” award at the Women’s Economic Forum and as a Certified “Dharma Ambassador”, has given lectures to thousands of students and corporate clients on the topics of Motivation, Feminism, Soft Power and Purpose. Her latest venture is being a content creator for at the wellness app, Relaxx.

Preity Üpala is an accomplished executive with fifteen years of experience building, advising, and investing in businesses in Australia, Asia and the United States. She currently serves as Board of Advisor of Corporate Development and Head of Corporate Strategy at SkyZeg Inc. In 2021, she has been appointed the Head of Public Relations and Communications for EUICCI- Europe India Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

No stranger to adventure, Preity has visited over 100 countries and imbues her literary and journalistic work with international sensibilities. She speaks 5 languages and her literary work has been translated into several languages. She holds a B.Tech (Hons) and B. Marketing from Australia and Certifications in Nuclear Technology from Stanford University and Peace and Diplomacy from Georgetown University.

In her own words, Preity states “My aim is to empower lives and see them through their difficulties – Encouraging them to spread their wings and reach their highest potential. Helping them discover themselves, that they may see more clearly the path which they are on, and the road they are to take to reach their final destination, reaching their highest goals… fulfilling their greatest aspirations”

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Timestamped Show Notes:

01:52 - Topic: The Sport of Cricket

04:06 - What Makes Cricket So Special?

06:30 - Cricket, Politics and Life Lessons

08:51 - What is Soft Power?

13:26 - Indian Cricket's Soft Power

14:30 - International Prominence of Indian Cricket League, IPL

16:28 - Investing in Cricket and Investing in People

19:38 - Addressing Criticisms of Board of Control for Cricket in India - BCCI

21:11 - Social Impact of Sports

22:16 - Cricket, a Bridge for International Relations

25:22 - Growing Up in Dubai

27:39 - Cricket Between Neighbors, Pakistan and India

30:06 - Cricket in America

30:30 - Colonialism and Today’s Cricket Scene

32:40 - Cricket Fans in America

33:41 - Where to Watch Cricket in America

34:21 - Calling Baseball Fans!

34:55 - Reaching Out to Preity Upala

36:45 - Paying Homage to Preity's Family

38:10 - What Are the Odds?

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